Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More about Houston

As I promised in my earlier post, here is a bit more about the Houston suburb where we'll live.

The general area is called Clear Lake, named after its nearby body of water. Strangely, this water is not actually a lake. Nor is it clear. It's actually just a channel of Galveston Bay.

Within the Clear Lake area, we'll live in a city called Friendswood. The city was founded by Quakers back in 1895, hence its name.

Mustang will work in a city called League City. It's where all the Galveston County government moved after Hurricane Ike. It's also the home of Houston branch of the National Weather Service! =) What if they had a PR person? Hey, a girl can dream.

We'll be about 45 minutes away from Mustang's family, who live in the southwest corner of Houston. Perfect distance. We can get there quickly if needed, but prevents "drop ins."

As for house hunting, it's going well! I'll post our top contenders on the next post!

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