Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More about Houston

As I promised in my earlier post, here is a bit more about the Houston suburb where we'll live.

The general area is called Clear Lake, named after its nearby body of water. Strangely, this water is not actually a lake. Nor is it clear. It's actually just a channel of Galveston Bay.

Within the Clear Lake area, we'll live in a city called Friendswood. The city was founded by Quakers back in 1895, hence its name.

Mustang will work in a city called League City. It's where all the Galveston County government moved after Hurricane Ike. It's also the home of Houston branch of the National Weather Service! =) What if they had a PR person? Hey, a girl can dream.

We'll be about 45 minutes away from Mustang's family, who live in the southwest corner of Houston. Perfect distance. We can get there quickly if needed, but prevents "drop ins."

As for house hunting, it's going well! I'll post our top contenders on the next post!

Friday, April 24, 2009

There's a blog for everything

Including bad real estate photos. This is excellent because I need some comic relief in the midst of the stress of house-hunting.

It's Lovely! I'll take it!

An excellent example:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Choctaw fire

Most of you reading this blog have heard about, if not ran away from, wild grassfires yesterday in Choctaw and Midwest City.

My parents' home is OK and so is my brother's and his in-laws'.

How'd I hear about the fires? Oh, a phone call from my mom at 9:45 p.m.

Me: "Hello?"

Mom: "Hey, honey. I just want you to know we're alright."

Me: "Alright from what?"

Mom: "Oh, there are fires all over Choctaw. We've decided to leave the house. Oh, I gotta go. I'm a roadblock and they're checking IDs to let people through." (hang up.)

Wha??? Then I notice Ya-Ya Julie had called an hour earlier to ask if they were OK. Thanks for calling, Julie.

It is very unsettling to be another state away and not know my town is on fire and my parents are evacuating their home. Very difficult to watch the news coverage on the Internet last night, seeing a neighborhood burn where I could name people who live there, and I'm miles away and there is nothing I can do but pray.

So that's what I'm doing. Prayers are with all those in the area affected by this...firefighters, city workers, and of course, the families. Stay safe, everyone.

Choctaw friends, let me know how your families are.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Stop me if you've heard this one...

Hey kids! Guess what? We're moving!

That's right. Just a little over a year after my last announcement that we were moving, we are again.

To Houston. Home of NASA, Beyonce, and a few other infamous things...

Technically, we won't be living in Houston per se. We'll be in the southeast suburban area called Clear Lake between Houston and Galveston. That means Galveston will be 30 minutes away from our home. Yay, we can go to the beach on a whim. Boo, we have to buy hurricane shutters.

I have some interesting trivia about Clear Lake to share later.

It does mean to one really good thing: our kids will go to school with the astronauts' kids. No surprise, the school district is one of the best in Texas.

When are we moving? Well, that's still TBD. Mustang finishes his fellowship June 30. Our lease is up then, too.

Let's all just pray right now that we find and close on a house by June 30. I really, really, don't want to live in an apartment temporarily, put things in storage, and move twice. Please, God, no.

I am thankful we don't have to sell again. Blech. Especially in this economy. It's a buyer's market. Our benefit. Sweet.

So guess what? The blog is about to focus on house hunting. I'm excited. Hope yall are, too.

Now, am I excited about Houston? Eh, I'm getting there. Honestly, I've had a really hard time missing my Oklahoma friends & family. But I'm excited about our family that Mustang & I will hopefully build one day, and this new chapter we're about to begin.