Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Months before moving to Texas, I found a great web forum for moving. It was tremendously helpful to read about Dallas geography and neighborhoods, especially to know which ones to avoid for safety. =) It got to be so helpful that by the time we started house-hunting, when Mustang & I drove to Dallas, I already had a grasp on the lay of the land. The GPS told us a street was behind us, and I argued it was in front of us. I was right! It was awesome. And, quite frankly, a bit freakish to Mustang, who has NO sense of direction.

Anyway, that web forum often discussed some quirks of Dallas. I'll give you some examples: 1) it's very common for houses to have foundation problems because of the recent drought. This is true. EVERY rent house we saw, including the one we now live in, have cracks in the walls and/or ceiling. 2) the bugs are very large in Texas. Also true. I saw a dragonfly last week that could've been from the Jurassic Era.

But nobody, no one told me that there are LIZARDS here! I like to garden and I am okay seeing the occasional snail or worm, but lizards? I've discovered I have quite an aversion to them.

Lizard #1 was spotted when we first moved in, near the garage. He was green, about four inches long, and ran UP the wall from the hedges (which we need to trim soon, and I am so afraid now of encountering green lizard family).

Lizard #2 appeared Thursday. I was on our back patio, and our landlord/home owner had left behind a cute terracotta outdoor clock/thermometer hanging on the wall. Yall know I'd dig the thermometer, right? ;-) Anyway, the clock's time was off, so I lifted the thing off the wall to see if I could change the battery.

See something gray moving.

It's about six inches long.

Toward my hand!

Instinctively (or, perhaps, more like a crazy woman), I THROW the clock about four feet from me to the ground. It never even crossed my mind that concrete was there, and I'd break the clock. All I knew was a lizard was about to crawl on my hand.

Mustang is also on the patio at this time, and looks at me, puzzled, when I do this.

Mustang: "You just broke her clock!"

Me: "Lizard!"

And the best part - upon landing, the lizard scampers into the garage. Where we do our laundry. We have not seen him since.

Well, that's a nice incentive to not let the laundry pile up on the washer.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Settin' up the Texas homestead

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I haven't checked my blog for this long. Amy and C, I'm sorry I missed happy hour. Sheesh. And I could've used some tasty beverages & good conversations that week. Moving was stressful.

The good news is, we landed in Dallas on June 8. Much of my blog absence was due to an internet absence. This was thanks to a crazy, crazy man who tried to install our cable/internet/phone and screwed up so badly that his supervisor had to come over twice afterward to repair. Seriously. CRAZY man. The man told Mustang he's been declared insane - twice.

Which begs the following questions:
1) why tell a stranger that you've been declared crazy?
2) if this man was truly crazy, why is he working for the cable company?
3) do we tell the cable company that their employee is crazy? Mustang's reply: "Hell, no! Do you want to get stabbed?"

Thankfully, we did not get stabbed, and the crazy man did not fall through our ceiling, which was another great fear after he told us that "he's had a bad month - he's fallen through ceilings three times this month."

The second half of my blog absence was due to an upcoming visit from the in-laws. Yes, they were planning to visit us in Dallas. Within two weeks of us moving in. So I was in a mad rush to look like the gracious hostess/decent daughter-in-law. In truth, it was a good thing, because we all know that I have a tendency to procrastinate. Hey, I'm a journalist. I live on deadlines. That's my excuse.

So now much of the house is unpacked, but the in-laws wound up canceling their trip that very morning because 2 out of 5 came down with bronchitis. So the visit is rescheduled for July. I am pleased. Now we can host people at our house with curtains, not boxes, covering our windows.

Anyway, I now have my precious internet again (which I missed terribly during the tomato/salmonella outbreak - when did that happen, exactly, anyway?) And thank goodness Dayna texted me about Tim Russert, or else I don't know when I would've learned about that.

I have many things "Texas" to post about. Will be back soon.

Monday, June 02, 2008



On Thursday, we got an offer that was really, really low. Mustang & I weren't too optimistic about it because it was SO low. As you know, in early May we had negotiated on an offer that started low, and the contract fell out. So, once bitten.....

We decide to try to counteroffer anyway and submitted a number we thought was probably too high for the buyers, but would give us "wiggle room" to negotiate one more time and bring it down to the final price we'd live with.

BUT, the buyers took our first counteroffer!!! We couldn't believe it - and I think our realtor was surprised, too.

So, we close on our house July 1. The only catch is the contract is pending on THEIR house closing, but they've already sold, passed inspection & got it appraised, so our realtor thinks that's no big deal. Please pray it all works out!!

We are so thrilled that we don't have to live in Dallas while our OKC house is still on the market. And we can pack like normal people, with boxes in our house and pack up anything we want! This is SO much better than than last week, when I was trying to pack things that were only in cabinets, but still keep the house clean & "staged" in case we had a house showing that day (which was typical).

Overall, I think we've had 20 showings, and about 5 people saw our house more than once. One girl came three times and her last showing took two hours! Seriously, WHAT was she looking at??? I don't know....but I can promise we have valuables locked, so that made me feel better. The irony is, she isn't the person who bought the house!

Anyway, thanks to everyone for your prayers & encouragement during all this! Total time on the market: about 35 days! Not bad at all!!!