Monday, September 29, 2008

Mrs. Mustang

This day one year ago, I became Mrs. Mustang. At current posting time (10 a.m.), I think I was at the makeup artist. I wasn't too nervous and wasn't too tired - I took a Lunesta the night before so I'd be sure to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, last night, Mustang said, "Just think, this time last year was the last time you ever slept in your own bed." That's so weird.

Other memories from my wedding day...
  • Somehow, I got mosquito bites the night before (I think lingering outside, talking to people after the rehearsal dinner). So I stopped at a pharmacy to pick up some topical Benadryl after my makeup was done.
  • All of the girls had our hair done at the salon with the same hairdresser I've had since junior high.
  • My bridesmaids are so modest, they changed in bathroom stalls so the photographer couldn't take pictures of them (even though the photographer was female). The great thing is, the photographer took pictures of their feet in the stalls, which made for fantastic photos. =)
  • It was a very strange feeling knowing that friends & family were very busy setting up/cleaning up, while I'm off getting ready or leaving for our honeymoon. I am still so grateful for all the things people did for me - the tasks I know about, and probably some troubleshooting that I didn't know about.
  • My favorite memory (I'm so glad we chose to do this) was seeing Mustang privately in the church before the wedding. We exchanged gifts, prayed and took a few photos together. It was such a peaceful, precious moment for us to share - just the two of us - amidst all the activity of the day.
I am still just as excited to be Mrs. Mustang as this day one year ago!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Toot my own horn

Okay, I have to share some exciting news. Not one to usually brag, but I'm too stinkin' excited.

Yesterday I was published in the Dallas Morning News.

Sure, it was a news release that didn't bear my name. Sure, it was four sentences in the "News Briefs" in the metro section. But it's the Dallas Morning News, people! I don't know media markets well, but I assume that's a bigger readership than The Oklahoman or the Tulsa World...

Also, part of my job is to create a staff newsletter for our college. This month our president was asked by the system's CEO to send the newsletter to the whole system (which has eight other colleges in it). Today, I got a call from the system's marketing big-wig, telling me how good it was, that it "should be a template for other colleges to use" and how glad she was "that I'm on board."

Anyway, I just feel like I'm rockin' my career! Positive feedback! Creativity! It is glorious!

And I've also learned a lesson: this isn't the highest-paying job I've ever had; it's not the biggest title I've ever had. What makes a job great is the WORK, the PEOPLE and the PLACE. Gee, only took eight years after college to figure that out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane update

Thanks to friends who've been asking about Mustang's family in Houston.

His parents have no power, but thankfully, they have no damage, either. His sister's family went to his parents' house to ride it out. SIL has a 2-story home, so they wanted to leave it. Imagine sitting hours in a house without lights or no AC with:
  • Two seniors
  • One adult
  • A 12-year-old
  • A 3-year-old
Notice the list above has only ONE adult. That's because SIL, who is an RN, had to stay at work ALL weekend because they were on "lockdown mode" during the hurricane. It was terribly difficult for her to leave her boys behind while she went into work Friday afternoon.

We don't know yet if SIL's house has damage. They haven't gone over there yet.

Thankfully, Mustang's family was wise in the 1970s and moved to west Houston. They originally lived in Pasadena (where Mustang was born), which got hit hard by the hurricane. Now they live in Missouri City and it's doing very well.

Thanks for your inquiries & prayers. Please pray for people in Galveston & other beach towns. It sounds awful there.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So. Not. Cool.

Here's a tip to the facilities management people in our building:

Don't work on the fire alarm (and accidentally trip it) on 9/11.


Minor heart attack here at my cubicle.

Hurricane Ike: Strike or psyche?

As a weather nerd since childhood, I've never had much respect for hurricanes. Growing up in Oklahoma, I always thought tornadoes were: 1) way scarier and 2) way cooler.

I always thought hurricanes were lame because you knew they're coming days before they hit. For tornadoes, eh, you get about a 15-minute warning.

But keeping an eye on Hurricane Ike, I have to say they're more interesting than I gave them credit. Primarily because they're such a gamble. Do I stay or do I go? Will it get be a category 2 or a category 4? Where will it hit?

Weird that yesterday we thought it'd hit Corpus and now it's set on Houston.

Which leads to why I'm watching Ike closely. Mustang's family lives in Houston. Of course weather nerd DIL called them yesterday and emailed them today to check if they're ready.

Looks like Ike also will travel through Dallas as it weakens. Bummer! Of course we're traveling to Oklahoma this weekend, so we'll miss the storms. Boo.

One final note: I'd like to say that 2008 has been the weirdest year for hurricane names. Bertha? Dolly? Ike? Do these names denote the concern that they should? My favorites are later down on the list...Sally, Teddy and Wilfred.

The funniest is Marco, which to me, connotes the game "Marco Polo." Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember the game was played with one person being "it." Whoever was "it" would yell "Marco!" and the people running away would yell "Polo!" I also remember playing the game only in a swimming pool.

Future Hurricane Marco will be over water, moving toward people who are running away from this some lame joke made by a weather nerd at the National Hurricane Center?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back on the wagon

Weight Watchers wagon, that is.

My life can be sorted into three phases:
  1. When I'm on WW
  2. When I'm not on WW (which does not equal I'm staying the same weight - no, no, it means that I'm gaining weight)
  3. My life before WW (aka birth - age 12)
I've been on the wagon since we moved to Dallas in June. The good news? I've lost 20 pounds. The bad news? So, so much more to go.

We all have our vices. Our battles. Cue "Everybody Hurts" by REM. My battles have always been my weight and my happiness, and the two are - and will always be - related.

There are days I curse that my battle is visible. You can't identify an alcoholic in a lineup (well, most of the time). But you know just from looking at me when there's been change or stress in my life. Being the natural introvert that I am, I HATE that.

There are days I curse fighting with food, because we need food to live. Going cold turkey will never be an option.

But lately I'm trying to reconcile my weight struggles. God has made me who I am, and God doesn't make junk. Some of my "fruits of the spirit" are very well-developed and lovely, just poor lil' ole "self-control" needs some fertilizer.

I've decided said fertilizer is more prayer along with WW. I've been having quiet time in the mornings, and one day a devotional asked, "What are you holding back from God?" I knew instantly the answer was "my body." In the years I've been a Christian and have known I should surrender all of my life to Him, I've never surrendered my body.

I could go deeper into this thought, but this is already getting deep enough.

In the meantime, I just wanna say I decided to blog about this because I'm serious enough to ask the prayerful readers out there to keep me on their hearts. Maybe it can provide some accountability, too. I don't often blog about personal struggles because I like my blog to be a positive creative outlet. However, I realize that sweeping my weight struggles under the rug means ignoring who I am. After 30 years of specializing in "under the rug sweeping," I can say I'm a pro at it, and that, um, it doesn't work too well.

All the previous times I've been on WW it's been for vanity. Now it's for my health, for my future children and so that I can live many good years with Mustang.

This time I want it to be different. This time I want it to be the last time.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Favorite Dallas radio station

Ah, time for a few posts about life in Dallas. Let me tell you about my favorite radio station here. This former pom-pom girl is in heaven.

The station is called Movin' 107.5. Their slogans? Music that makes you feel good. The best of today and your schooldays.

Here is a sample of their playlist:

Anything by Madonna
Big Poppa
Jump Around
Anything by Fergie
Can't Get You Out of My Head
Humpty Dance
Anything by Beyonce
Brass Monkey

My only request is they stop playing "I'm Your Baby Tonight" by Whitney Houston. Ick.

One of their best things? "The Burn," an hour-long remix of high-tempo music for working out. They do this every night at 6:30 p.m. Has this motivated me to work out during The Burn? No. But I keep thinking that I should.

Seriously, this is a major highlight of my life in Dallas. I'm not sure what that says about the overall quality of life in Dallas...

But YaYa Stacy, who lives in Fort Worth says, "How can you have a bad day when you start your morning drive listening to 'Can't Touch This?'"

Well said, Stacy. Well said.

Friday, September 05, 2008

What brings me back?

This crap.

Seriously, people. Even down here in Texas, I hear that Oklahoma's NBA team was officially named Wednesday as "OKC Thunder." As a weather nerd, of course I think this is cool. Then I get online to see the logo. My reaction? What all PR/advertising/marketing people must have said:

"No, noo, noooo!"

Please tell me it doesn't look eerily similar to the Centennial Logo.

Please tell me we didn't rip off New Jersey's logo. I mean, of all the states to copy, New Jersey?

And most of all, please tell me we didn't use, what a fellow PR friend calls, "state agency blue."

Seriously, people. Please don't tell me that Oklahoma finally gets its own professional sports team and we make a logo that looks like this.

My only hope is that an internet rumor is true - that a PR firm was hired and created some cool logos, but, as that same friend calls them, the "old white guys" thought they could design a better logo.

If that rumor is true, then I have two things to say:

1. To the graphic design/ad guy who poured his heart, soul & hours of his life into a wasted design: Buddy, all your PR peeps have got your back. I mean, hey, if it can happen to a guy who's designing an NBA logo, it can happen to anybody. And it has. Haven't we all been there?

2. To the Thunder owners: please, please get a new logo. Quickly.