Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cue the theme to Dallas

Because we're moving there.

Big news, kids, we're moving to Texas. Mustang got a fellowship position at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. Yes, this is confusing because Baylor University is in Waco. Even more confusing is that Baylor Medical School is in Houston. Whatever.

Anyway, Baylor Med Center is often named one the nation's best hospitals in U.S. News & World Report. And Mustang competed against lots of other doctors to get the one fellowship position. So I am very proud of him, but not at all surprised. =)

What will Mustang be studying? Boobs. Yes, he's going to study Breast Imaging....not only diagnosing mammograms, but also doing biopsies. Apparently this is a field within radiology that's in high demand and not enough doctors do it. After Mustangs' own mama having breast cancer last year (which she's all good now), he noticed this void and decided to help.

With the aging Baby Boomer population, plus women being more proactive with breast cancer than ever, I think Mustang has made a good career choice. And he'll never have to work on weekends again. Yay!

One note of clarification: I've had several women (squished & scorned by the mammography, I assume) ask if Mustang will be the one who'd actually do the mammography - as in, do the squishing. No. So don't hate on him, ladies. The squishers are techs. Doctors determine the results from the squish.

Anyway....I'm just realizing this post has taken a strange turn from "big news: we're moving" to squishing. I better end this thing.

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Dayna said...

Congratulations! You will be greatly missed, but we'll have to meet up when I make my infrequent trips to Frisco.