Thursday, February 28, 2008

My 3 cent rant

I try to keep this blog fairly positive, but I must take a moment and rant.

1. Took my Accord in today for service because it's having trouble shifting. Oh, it only needs a new transmission! It's a 2003. I bought it used in June 2006. I honestly feel so BETRAYED by my car! By Honda! I thought Hondas were reliable! Smart! That's why I chose my first car purchase as a cookie-cutter, no-nonsense, everyone-else-owns Accord. I could have had a sexy 2-door sportscar, but no. I chose practicality. And it bit me in the rear.

2. Stupid dealer doesn't look up my VIN # to realize my car is still under warranty. Calls Mustang to say it will cost $3,000 to repair! Thankfully a coworker overheard this and recommended we call a small mechanic shop called Hondura. They were wise enough to think, huh, a 2003 certified car with 93,000 miles and a dead transmission......that should still be under warranty! They kindly gave Mustang the 1-800 number to Honda Corporate so he can inquire if we indeed qualify. And we do. So Mustang calls dealer back with this news & asks why they didn't offer this. Dealer says it's because they looked up my car warranty under my married name, and my warranty is actually under my maiden name, so they didn't see it. But still. They should make some magical system to identify by the car, rather than by the owner. Oh, yeah, like a Vehicle Identification Number!

3. This leads me to my last cent (phew). Stupid social tradition/norm/expectation that women change their last names at marriage. I've never been a girl that swore she'd keep her maiden name, but seriously, it is such a pain in the rear! Sure, I thought of changing my SSN, my driver's license, my pay stubs, but seriously, my car warranty? Really? And it's oh-so-difficult for Honda to believe that Jane Dawn X has changed to Jane Dawn Z, and both Janes happen to live in Oklahoma and have the same VIN? Really?

Okay. That's all. I feel better now.

And if you own a Honda, get it serviced at Hondura off N. Villa Ave in OKC. They are good people. Dealers, not so much.

And if any guy out there is reading this, and your wife changed her last name when you got married, please take a moment tonight and tell her how much you appreciated her doing that.

And don't buy a 2003 Accord. Apparently they have transmission failures.

Now I'm really done.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 filters for 1 vacuum

I've decided that a dust bomb has exploded at our house.

Sadly, I admit I used to think Mustang didn't clean well. I have since learned otherwise.

Everything gets dusty immediately after I clean it. I've discovered dust on our wine bottles, dust on magazines, dust on the coffeemaker that we use everyday. Embarrassing when I returned a wedding gift to Williams Sonoma last weekend and dust was on the box.

So, I've decided to spruce up the vacuum. Perhaps some troubleshooting also is in order.

I have discovered on that our stupid vacuum takes THREE FILTERS. Yes, the HEPA filter on the back, a motor filter, and an exhaust filter. Ah! I only knew of two! Perhaps this mysterious 3rd filter will solve all our problems.

Off to Home Depot for elusive filter after work.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Great HVAC technology here at Research Park

For the past two weeks, the Oklahoma wacky weather (60 degrees one day, ice the next) has been a pain to all of us. Coat or no coat? Salt on the roads or no salt? Certainly not good for that flu bug that's hitting everyone, it seems (including my brother - who's trying to stay away from his 3-mo-old baby). Why he didn't get a flu shot, I don't know. He's a teacher. Seriously.

Anyway, the weather seems to be most challenging to the heating & air units in my work building. It is SO FRIGGIN HOT in here. Ironically, my building is in a complex called Research Park. One would think this name would imply good technology.

This is absurd, but it kinda makes me slightly curious/paranoid. My office occupies floors B-3 in the building, but none of us are sure what's in floors 4 & 5. Something involving OU and research. And that would be biomedical research. Methinks 80 degrees is not good for the petri dishes growing who-knows-what.

80 degrees is also not good for the roses I got for Valentine's Day from Mustang. =) I will take them home tonight where they can be properly enjoyed (and cared for!).

Monday, February 11, 2008

I heart Kanye

I sacrificed watching the Grammys last night so I could tackle cleaning our crazy office. It paid off, but bummer...I missed an awesome performance by Kanye West, finishing with a beautiful tribute to his mom, singing the song I posted in November.

Thankfully, I found it on YouTube (wonder how long it stays up before CBS gets it). BTW, no worries about cursing....Kanye kept it clean.

Love, love that he shaved "Mama" in his hair.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Survey says...

My sleep study reveals I do indeed have Restless Legs Syndrome. It also said I slept 6 hours during my study - which I find so hard to believe.

The report also said it took 70 minutes for me to fall asleep. Yeah. It didn't say anything about hearing my cursing during those 70 minutes. "Soft snoring" was recorded through the night, but not bad enough to require the nerdy breathing machine. At least Mustang & I won't be the CPAP wonder twins.

So, what to do? Meds, of course. You've probably seen commercials on TV about Restless Legs. "The creepy crawly feeling." But my very considerate(!) doctor said they're rather costly, so he's first going to try me on another medicine that's much cheaper. When I went to Walgreen's to get it filled, they had to check my ID because it's a controlled substance. Yikes.

So yeah, I'm on a controlled substance. Please pray that doesn't get too interesting.