Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Light my fire

It's finally fall in Oklahoma. "Fall" is about a month-long event here, when temperatures finally move from 90 to 50. Next month, there will be an ice storm, officially ending fall.

Seriously, one fall 2 years ago, my mom told some story on the phone that started with, "I was on the back porch, moving the plants inside for the frost, when I heard the tornado sirens go off."

Anyway, back to this year...on October 2, it was 92. Monday night, it got down to 40. So Mustang decides to turn on the heater Monday. The heater uses a pilot light, which must be lit.

I've never lived in a house with gas, and my family has some serious issues about fire (a result of an aunt dying in a housefire before I was born), so I'm scared out of my mind. Our conversation:
Mustang: "I think we need to turn on the heater."
Me: "Are you sure? It will get up into the 70s later this week."
Mustang: "It's too cold. It will be easy to light the pilot light."
Me: "Have you lit it before?"
Mustang: "Yes. Well, once. I tried. But then I couldn't, so I had to call ONG. But I watched the ONG guy do it."
Me: "Okayyyy."

So we go into the garage, where Mustang proceeds to find the spot in the heater to light.

I still express my uneasiness, so Mustang finally opens the garage door so at least the "gas" that I'm afraid could be leaking will air out some.

I hold the flashlight while he lights.

Thankfully, it worked.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Moving = monster

Just in time for Halloween comes the evil, evil monster......moving. Seriously this thing is a nightmare. For me, it's just moving - it's a pain in the rear, but you suck it up & do it. But for Mustang, it's this huge big deal that is really freaking him out. It's really wearing him down, which in turn is wearing me down.

I guess I'm more used to moving - college, DC, back to OK - heck, in the sorority house, we were required to move 3x a year. So I guess I got accustomed to paring things down, boxing & moving......and the bare-bones lifestyle while everything is in boxes.

Meanwhile, Mustang has lived in his house for 7 years, so he's accumulated a lot of stuff and hasn't moved in a long time. So this is a big, big deal to him.

Last night, we tried to take apart his desk from IKEA. This thing is huge & he assembled it in the room, so we have to disassemble it to get it out. And we can't figure out HOW THE HECK to do it. Mustang kept the directions, but they're in Swedish or whatever, and there are 32 steps with really bad illustrations. So between working backword and deciphering the Swedish drawings, we are screwed. After an hour an a half, we decided we're ready to saw it in half (literally), but then realized we'd probably need a circular saw to do that, which he doesn't have, and certainly neither of us know how to use.

So I start laughing. Hysterically. I've developed this laughing tactic after living in high-stress situations such as 9/11. You have to have a sense of humor or you'll just go crazy. Mustang gets offended by the laughing and thinks it's directed toward him. It's really not - it's just the giant desk, the Swedish instructions, and wanting to use a saw.

We finally just gave up & went to bed.

***Update***I told my mom about my struggles, and I guess she's pleaded with my dad. He's coming over tonight to help with the desk. Yay!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Moderate risk

The weather nerd in me is so excited today. We have a moderate risk for tornadoes.

Not wishing anyone to get hurt - let's hope for a tornado in some random field (or on a lake; that would be cool....then its name officially changes from tornado to waterspout). See, I am a big nerd.

I would add a photo on here, but it's been so long, I can't remember how. Gonna have to play around....

Friday, October 12, 2007

The blog is back

Hello folks out there....if anyone reads this at all. It has actually been 1+ years since I've blogged. Terrible. I couldn't even remember my account name. Double terrible.

I return with an intention of blogging regularly again. I was once told in career counseling that I should write every day to exercise my creativity. I think they were right. I've really missed it.

I return with fabulous news - I got married 2 weeks ago. It's very strange to type that. Yes, I married Mustang.

I really regret not blogging during all the wedding planning. I'm sure it would be obnoxious to some people, but a few of the stories/events that occurred along the way were fascinating. I'll have to recap the best ones.

For now, hello & it's great to be back.