Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just the good ol' boys (part 2)

Okay, so I think the good ol' boys are attracted to something I've posted on my eH intro page. More specifically, my list of 3 things I'm thankful for. They are:

1) To live in America
2) My family
3) Forgiveness

So here's the interesting thing: as I showed my intro page to a coworker/friend, she was surprised. The America comment just struck her as odd...or rather, just not like me. She said it makes ME sound like I'm a good ol' gal, and - as you know - I'm an "indoor girl." That led us to an interesting discussion: while many of us are indeed glad we live in America, why is patriotism is associated with GOB?

No, I don't have a ribbon magnet on my car; no, I don't belong to the NRA (although my father does); no, I don't own a sweater vest with flags & stars on it. But I am really glad I live here. A few months back, I saw this fascinating PBS special about global health, particularly about malaria and AIDS in Africa. And I just kept thinking, what if that were me? What if I had been born there? Or - I loved how excited Iraqis were when they had their first election and they dyed their finger purple to show they voted. Why don't Americans have the same excitement every time we get to vote? Why don't more peeps in my age range vote? (Although I can live without a purple finger, thanks.)

So after my friend's observation, I wondered if I should change my America comment in an effort to deter the GOB. And darn it, I'm not! I really am glad I live in America. Take that, Johnny Depp!

And an interesting footnote: The GOB's have seemed to bug off own their own. Now, on to more superficial topics...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just the good ol' boys (part 1)

Isn't that the first line from the theme song to the Dukes of Hazzard? (The TV show, people, not the lame excuse of a movie to showcase Jessica Simpson.*) Anyway, something is going on with my eH profile that keeps sending the good ol' boys to me. Now, lemme just say I have nothing against GOB. Hey, I'm a member of the GOP. And I would say that some of my girlfriends would prefer to be with a GOB. But I'm just more of a city girl...or perhaps it's more accurate to quote Titanic and say I'm more of an "indoor girl."

Anyhoo, there are two theories why the GOB are knocking down my door. 1) Something's going on with my eH profile (that I can't change, BTW) that's matching me with them. Dr. Whatever needs to tweak one of his fabulous 29 personality indicator things. 2) I'VE typed something on my introduction page that is turning on the GOB. I've discussed this dilemma with a coworker and she believes this is the problem.

...Wait a minute, lemme back up and explain how eH works and what's the difference between the above two items. When you first sign on to eH, you take a personality test. And I intentionally chose the word "test" here over "quiz", people. Takes about an hour to fill out this bugger. Anyway, throughout the test eH posts little reminders: "Go with your first instinct!" "Remember: 8 million other lonely people!" etc. Later (probably when they know you're starting to ask yourself if being lonely is really THAT bad) they become cheerleaders: "We know these are hard. You're almost done!" Anyway, your answers from this hour-long thing are what make up these magical 29 personality indicators. These are what eH uses to match you.

THEN, before you start searching on eH, you build an intro page about yourself. Some of this is lighthearted (5 things you can't live without - coffee - duh), some is more reflective (aside from your parents, who is the most influencial person in your life). Much of the info is pre-built for you based on your personality test you've already finished (and you're so relieved you finally did). Other info you get to fill out yourself. One such item was to list 3 things you're most thankful for. And this is where I may be bringing the GOB.

What, do you ask, could I have said that may be drawing the GOB like moths to a flame? What would YOU say you're thankful for, if you made an eH site? To be continued....

*On the Jessica Simpson topic, next time you see a Pizza Hut commercial for those cheesy bites, notice how she practically FROWNS when she says "Start poppin'!" This really bugs me.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The inaugural post

(And the crowd goes) Aaaaa-hhhh!
I've started a blog. Before I say more, lemme lay down some guidelines here:

What this blog IS:
I have joined with the 8 million (according to their spin) other desperate folks out there and joined eHarmony. Yes, that Dr. Neil Whatever and all his commercials finally got to me. (Well, that and the last of my best friends meeting her Mr. Right; and a work friend having a baby, which made my biological alarm go into hypermode.) Two weeks ago, one of Dr. Whatever's commercials would make me wanna hurl or at least throw something at the TV. Now I've joined the masses. The following testimony is an account of my experience.

I hereby vow, to the best of my ability, not to dog too much on the dudes on eHarmony - more about the experience as a whole, how the process works, and what I learn about my tendencies with guys. If I use examples of dudes I'll change their names. I just keep thinking, if some guy out there is doing the same thing I am right now, I sure wouldn't want him blogging about me, however nutso he might think I am.

What this blog is NOT:
Super-cool with graphics and links to websites and whatnot. I'm just not that cool.

A daily update. I'll try to keep it current as much as possible. But I'm realizing on Day 2 of eH that it will be time-consuming in itself (and hey, it should be, for $60 a month). So let's all just pray right now that one day my updates on this blog will slowly diminish, because I've been swept off my feet. Ha.

So that's it. Later I'll post about some things I've already experienced...making a list here to remind America comment; matches: to close or not to close; how the eH peeps match us; and the photo dilemma.

Good night, and good luck. I'm gonna need it.