Friday, August 18, 2006

Magic at Albertson's

I must share a beautiful moment with you.

Lemme set up the scene: Tuesday night I went to Albertson's with Mustang. Why? Well, we carpooled to work and both needed groceries, so we stopped on the way home. Also, Mustang is doing Weight Watchers and lemme tell ya, he's beatin' the pants off me. He's lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Sheesh.

Anyway, as we're walking through the office supply aisle looking for tape, we pass the magazine rack. And Mustang stops me and says, "Hey, I wanna show you something."


Not only that, girls, he begins to thumb through it, looking for a particular page number! Ah-ha! He's looked at this magazine before!

Surprised, I comment about this, and he cooly replies: "I know some things."

He flips to the pages about rings and starts discussing which he likes (I must say, this isn't the first time the topic of rings has come up, but not so directly!).

As Woot would say, I'm thinking "Be cool, be cool." I'm standing there, trying not to go into a hysteria of joy in Albertson's.

Calmly watching him flip through the pages.

Mustang: "I like this kind."
Me (as calmly as possible): "Mm hmm."
Mustang: "I think we should go for platinum."
Me: "Yeah, platinum would be good for my sensitive skin."

Mustang: "Maybe we should just buy the magazine."
Me: "YEAH!"

So much for be cool.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Should I say "thanks, but no thanks" for $60?

So I haven't posted in a lonnnnng time about the original thing that started my blog: eHarmony.

I actually have a couple of updates about it.

First off, if you know anyone who is considering eH, they should go for it. Really, I've had good luck with it...and I hope the good luck just continues right into us making a commercial for it one day. =)

BUT I have this advice: don't sign up for a big block of time (i.e 3 months), just sign up for 1 month. I say this because I'm still getting emails from eHarmony (remember I originally joined in April) for me to renew. They're offering 3 months for the price of 1! Apparently Mustang is getting those same emails, too.

So right know, my profile is still up on eH, but it's not active (I've said "no more matches" so nobody new can see it, but former matches can still see my profile). Remember this last piece of info for my next story.

Also on the eH front, I got an email from a former eH match. We started correpsonding before I met Mustang. I think some potential was there. But after a few delightful dates with Mustang, I emailed this match & told him I was dating. I think I was pretty cool about the whole deal - said it was fun talking, he was great, but I want to see where this goes, etc. He even emailed me back at the time and wished me luck.

Well, this match emailed me a "nudge" last month. Nudge is used on eH when you've tried to email a person and they won't respond to you. So this old match decided to nudge me months later? Why? I don't know. Maybe he's curious if I'm still dating. Maybe he forgot I said no thanks (and forgot he replied good luck). But anyway, I'd like to respond so I don't seem rude, but I can't reply because my membership has expired. I can just see on my eH profile that he nudged me, butI can't do anything else unless I renew my membership for $60.

So eH dude: sorry, but I'm not gonna pay $60 to email you back to say "thanks, but no thanks." Good luck out there.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some perspective on the day

Well kids, considering today's news, there's something that I just had to post. One valuable lesson I learned while living in DC is to have a sense of humor about the crazy world, or you'll just lose your ever-lovin' mind.

While scrolling online through pictures of today's events, I came across this one.

As background, if you haven't heard, a terrorist plot was foiled this morning that involved carry-on liquids onto airplanes. So as a precaution now, passengers can't carry on bottled water, toothpaste, contact solution, etc.

Also, lotion can't be carried on. So airports are currently rounding up all the lotion. But, darn it, this lady is gonna get her money's worth before she hands it over!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Seniors 96!

This weekend I endured one of life's oddities....

The 10-year high school reunion.

Thank goodness Mustang with me. Because, I could have endured going alone OR I could have endured going with 30+ lbs I didn't have in 1996, but I DON'T think I could have endured both.

All in all, it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared. People seemed more interested in family, general well-being, etc. than comparing professions or accomplishments. That was good. And a highlight was to hear girlfriends express similar fears as mine about attending, and to see those same girlfriends with an extra 30 lbs of their own. So yay; we were all in the same boat.

I have 3 conclusions about my graduating class:
1) the girls really like to highlight their hair (we had wayyy more blondes than I remember)
2) the guys have aged faster than girls
3) they all love MySpace.

I heard several pitches from people that I need to join MySpace. I've lurked on it to read their stuff, but truthfully, I'm just not that cool, kids. I don't know how to send people a sparkly little graphic that says "Happy Friday." And frankly, I don't have time, either. Yall know I barely have time to update this thing!

The low point: our souvenirs. We received key chains. But not any key chains. Ones that said "96" on them. Is anyone actually going to use these?! My theory: the class board ordered them 'back in the day, the box got shoved in some closet and forgotten, and years later, someone discovered them & thought they could be salvaged at a reunion.

Overall, I'm glad I attended. But I can't imagine what the 20-year will be like. It was already so difficult to recognize people at this one!