Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dazed & confused

It's nearly one hour left in my workweek, and I won't be back until next Wednesday. Woo hoo!

I've been so non-productive this week. Heck, make that this month. June will not go down in my "hard worker" hall of fame. No Sergeant Intenso here. Meet her alter-ego, Lieutenant Lazy.

I also wanted to say thanks for all the good advice regarding my smurf post. I'm feeling better today. Had a good long talk with Mustang last night and told him that I need some personal space - nothing terribly dramatic, people! I just now understand the phrase "whirlwind romance." I think I've put my needs aside during this dating stuff, it's built up, and now has materialized into the extra 10 pounds on my rear. I need a night during the week when I can get all my poo together...bills, housecleaning, exercising, etc. Mustang agreed to the one-night-off plan, although I got the feeling he wasn't sure exactly why I needed this.

I think it was one of those good-guy moments where you're crying for no reason, the guy just patiently nods along, you feel better and you hug it out. He doesn't know just what the hell that was, but he'll be supportive for whatever craziness you ask.

They need a name for those moments. They occur often in my relationship, and I get the feeling they are common worldwide.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm all smurfed up

I had a conversation with Mustang last night and a horrible realization came over me: I am sooo smurfed up. If Mustang doesn't run far, far, away, it will be a miracle.

The smurfedness can be categorized into two areas: One, ever since Mustang & I have become serious, all my bad habits are coming out with a vengance. I've stopped exercising, I've gained weight, my house is a mess. And anyone who knows me can instantly name my #1 bad habit...I can't get anywhere on time. Mustang's pet peeve is punctuality and he's been so patient, but I just keep pushing it later and later. He's starting to get irritated now, as he should.

My other problem: I'm having serious jealousy issues without reason. I've accused Mustang of ogling over other women (he's a big people watcher), I'm jealous of one of his residents (a gorgeous brunette stick insect), I've accused him of still looking for Indian girls on the internet (his sister signed him up before we met). Over the course of a month, I've done all these crazy jealous things separately. But last night Mustang added them all together, along with my bad habits, and asked me just what the crap I'm doing. Good question. What the crap am I doing?

Meanwhile, Mustang has been nothing but fabulous. In this same month while I've been crazy, he's dropped the L-bomb, told his family about me, bought me roses. He got baptized (in my denomination - different than his family's), met my parents, met my brother, met my friends. He's visited me at my office, taken me to a fancy party with his colleagues, surprised me with new CDs. He's picked me up at the airport at 2:30 a.m., given me rides to work, went with me to buy a car. This weekend, he's planned a 3-day road trip for me to meet his friends in Dallas.

Just typing all this stuff out, I see what a wonderful man this is. And the best part is, he loves me! Me! Even though I'm always late, often moody, and since we've met, I have reached an all-time high on the ditzy-meter. But is that not enough? Now I seem to be doing all these other crazy things and did them without really even knowing it. Am I testing him? Do I think I don't deserve him? What the crap?

Anyway, I just had to vent. I hope I come to my senses right away.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Damn you, Denver!!!

I am sitting on the floor of the Denver airport right now. My flight to OKC is 3.5 hours delayed. When I lived in DC and flew back and forth to OKC, I was never delayed. There's a first time for everything.

Thankfully I have my laptop with me. This gives me an opportunity to:
1) Be one of the cool people using laptops in the airport.
2) Update my blog.

Because of all the time to kill, today's post will be a two-part rambling:
A) More about the party with Mustang
B) Observations made during my trip to LA

More about the party with Mustang
I still am having trouble typing with the nails. I think I'll go back to the salon and have them trimmed. Also, the middle nail on my right hand is crooked. It's been bugging me. I hope they can take it off and plop a new one on there.

Also something I forgot to post about the party this weekend...I had a massive bruise on my left upper arm. Apparently at birth I was cursed with a bruise problem. Not only do I bruise very easily (and get hickeys - they are bruises, after all), I also have a knack for getting bruises right before important events. 1997: Huge bruises on both my knees from a golf cart accident, right before sorority rush. 2001: Nasty bruise on my upper right arm from my parents' storm door, right before first day of work in DC. 2006: Lovely bruise on my upper left arm, before meeting Mustang's coworkers.

How did I get this current bruise? My ironing board fell on me. At least it fell on my arm and it wasn't on my head.

I did some internet research about bruises and have learned three things: 1) immediately after the bruise, apply ice to the area for 30 minutes. This will prevent the blood from spreading under your skin and keeps the bruise size small. Unfortunately, I didn't learn this factoid until the day after the ironing board incident. 2) To feel like a hippie and try the homeopathic route, apply a gel made of Arnica herb to make the bruise heal faster. I bought some of this junk at the organic store (much to Mustang's chagrin, since he's a doctor and isn't much for the homeopathic stuff). I'm not sure if the herb has helped. 3) Finally, information that did come in handy - to cover a bruise with makeup, use yellow concealer. This worked pretty well.
So there, kids, the best bruise advice I can give. Consider me an authority.

Now on to more fun....observations made in LA.
First off, I must say my geography is horrible and I didn't realize that Long Beach is pretty far from LA. Only about 18 miles, but it takes about 45 minutes to drive. So there went my plans to see Hollywood, Britney with no makeup, etc. We kept our eyes peeled for people wearing sunglasses (a tipoff of celebrity) while in LAX, but alas, nothing. I don't have the gift of sighting celebrities, like my friend Wooter does.

Instead, Long Beach is literally on the beach. It's experiencing urban renewal right now so many of its buildings are shiny and new. We walked along a pier and toured the Queen Mary, which is an old luxury cruise liner used during the 30s - 60s. It's supposed to be haunted. I didn't see any ghosts, but our conference did hire a DJ for our dinner, and thankfully I didn't see any coworkers bustin' a move, either. I think our conference sponsor (a web development company) doesn't understand that state employees just aren't that cool.

Another interesting thing about the beach: it was really dirty. I've never been much of a tree-hugger, but seriously, people, it was sad to see how much we've destroyed the ocean. Trash just kept washing up on shore. And people swam in this! The funniest (in a sick way) part was a seagull picking up a Grab Bag of Doritos, but he also picked up a used condom along with it. Imagine four Oklahoma women yelling at a seagull in LA: "Seagull! Put that down! Put it down, bird!"

Other things I noticed in LA: yes, traffic really is that bad. It's worse than DC traffic. There were so many semi-trucks in between Long Beach and LA, I guess because of the ports. Driving next to semis makes me crazy and I can't imagine doing that every day. And we thought we had a lot of semis on I-40 in OKC! Also, gas is uber-expensive. $3.19 a gallon. I will hug the first gas pump I see in our good ol' oil state.

I also saw a political TV ad for Governor Schwarzenegger (I'm sure I've botched his spelling - bad Republican!). But interesting thing - the ad didn't show him, or use his voice. As a PR person, I would think when making a TV ad for Arnold, exploit his celebrity factor. Work it. Maybe they tried to record his voice-over, but people couldn't understand him. I dunno.

Well, that's about it. I also have a story about beets, but I'll save it for later. Yes, beets. But now I'm ready to walk to gate B21 and see if they've delayed me even more.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's difficult to type this

I'm having trouble typing because I got fake nails Saturday. It's been 10 years since I had fake nails. I forgot how weird they feel. Also a development in the nail scene...since French manicures are so popular now, the fake nails are white. I think in the past they were skin tone - or nail tone, anyway. So my point is, if this post is rampant with typos, now you know why.

Why the fake nails? Saturday I attended a cocktail party with Mustang. It was at the Petroleum Club in OKC with all his coworkers. Very nice - we had a great view of OKC at sunset. The party was much shorter than I imagined - just about 2 hours. But I finally got to meet the people who he talks about all the time - his boss, colleagues, etc.

I bought a new dress for the occasion - it was a semiformal event, and the dress I found was sage green silk - kind of the type of dress you'd wear at a fancy evening wedding. When I tried it on at the store, it was nice - a little plunging neckline, but not too crazy. Well, at the party I wore a different bra with it and the dress turned from plunging neckline to va-va-voom cleavage. A little more revealing than I anticipated. Oops. It was an interesting social experiment to see how many doctors keep eye contact when they first meet you...or if their eyes go elsewhere. Only one failed the test, and Mustang says that guy's wife has a boob job, so he must put a lot of stock into being stacked.

Next week we have another cocktail party to attend - this next one is a retirement. Trust me, at this one, I'll be wearing a much more demure outfit so Mustang's coworkers don't think he's dating a floozy.

Friday, June 16, 2006

He loves me!

I have some exciting news for my small but loyal readership out there.

Last Tuesday, Mustang dropped the L BOMB! Wooohooo!

The day I returned from Florida, he took me to the restaurant where we had our first date. We had a fabulous view of Lake Hefner at sunset. Then at my apartment, he said the magic words!!

Not only that, but Wednesday, he sent me a dozen roses for extra oomph. They were beautiful - very tall, fragrant, and arranged with baby's breath & eucalyptus. I took pictures of them but they need to be developed along with my Florida ones, which knowing me, will be next month.

Mustang has been extra sweet since my return from vacation. He calls me to say good morning, we see eachother every night, mushy, mushy, mushy. I've been head over heels for this guy for a while, and now it's wonderful to know he's the same about me.

Huh, I like this extra-cuddly love-struck Mustang so much, I should go out of town again. Hey! I think I will! Sunday I'm flying to LA for work. I'll be there until Thursday.

Absense makes the heart grow fonder.... =)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is so important; we better make a sign

There is a series of signs I've noticed in downtown OKC that really make me laugh.

Anyone who has lived in or visited Oklahoma (or, more often, "traveled through" to a better location), knows our roads are HORRIBLE. Potholes galore. So let's hope ODOT spends its money repairing these before some car is swallowed up by a pothole one day.

But no, we make signs for the side of the road. What do they say?

Don't drink and drive - Nah.

Click it or ticket - Nope.

Adopt a street - Not it, either.

Drive Friendly?


Is friendliness really a problem in Oklahoma?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tan in an office cubicle

In my six years of working in an office, I have achieved the impossible:
I have broken out of the cube world, AND I AM TAN!

On the other hand, I'm experiencing post-vacation blues. I miss my friends. I miss the ocean. I miss sleeping in. But to make me feel better, I'll post a few pics of the trip (thanks to Stacy for loading yours onto Shutterbug so quickly!).

It was a wonderful time. Highlights: Gina's signs she made while waiting for us at the airport, Julie's surprise baby shower and the trickery we used to pull it off, riding the waves, me & Big laughing uncontrollably.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sorry, I can't blog; I'm at the beach

Well, I am posting to say that I won't post for a while.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for sunny Destin, Florida with the Ya-Yas, my very best friends in the world. Imagine 7 girls renting a beach house together. It will be like a giant slumber party. I anticipate lots of laughing and perhaps some liquor. And of course some outlet mall shopping.

I wanna give a shout-out to Woot Dog, who isn't able to make it. We'll miss ya, girl. And goodness knows we'll be missing your organization. Big & I were laughing about how we'll be running around like crazy cause you're not there to keep us sane.

I also wanna note: Today is my 2-month anniversary with Mustang! Woo Hoo! He gave me a rose for each month we've known each other. Sigh....